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Oregon False Accusation Attorney

In situations of divorce, there are, unfortunately, many instances where one spouse may claim that the other abused or harmed him or her in some way. Other claims can include child neglect and abuse. These false allegations are made to get the upper hand in divorce proceedings, particularly child custody negotiations.

Portland Domestic Violence and Abuse Lawyer

At Brasier Law, LLC, we are committed to helping these falsely accused individuals prove their innocence and be given a fair chance in their family law case.

We guide the client through the difficult process of dispelling the claims of the accuser. The accuser is in a position where he or she must prove that it is more likely than not that events occurred as he or she claims they did. Rarely is there evidence, but rather accounts and claims. We will investigate the individual and the story, showing where the weaknesses lie, both in the story and in his or her credibility. If there is a reason for the story to be made up to gain advantage, we will bring that to light, showing motive.

Oregon False Accusation Lawyer

Our attorneys are highly experienced and successful in these matters. Our veteran abilities in litigation and negotiation help us gain the best possible resolution for our client. We understand the level of emotions that can be engaged at this point, particularly given the future of your children. We will fight on your behalf to see that you are given a fair chance and that you do not lose because of false accusations.

You are in a difficult position, and we have the skill you need.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss the claims being made against you and what can be done to remain successful in custody negotiations, please contact our law firm today at 503-821-7437 or toll free at 866-291-8758.

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Client Testimonials

  • "Tom was my second attorney. The first cost me $40,000 and a year and a half, at the end of which I lost custody of my daughter. Once Tom took over it only took him 4 months and less than $3,000 in fees to get me custody back of my daughter..."
  • "Thomas provided me with affordable legal help when there was no where else to turn. He was effective and persuasive in court and I got just the result I was looking for in my child support payments..."
  • "I wanted to establish visitation with my daughter, but without a lengthy custody case. Without ever having to file a court document, Tom negotiated with my daughter's mother and convinced her to let me into my daughter's life..."
  • "Tom made the complicated legal system make sense. I understood what we were doing, and why we were doing it, so I felt comfortable as we went through the process. I also felt like Tom listened to my concerns and understood what I wanted..."